Three week workshop on Genome Informatics.

  • 5-21 April , 2021

Who we are

Decode life is a group of enthusiastic researchers, who are aimed to (de)code the life sciences. Our goal is to create a self sustained system through cross learning and joining hands together to address the problems that matter the most. With the availability of large data, Bioinformatics has become an integral part for almost every biomedical lab. We wanted to fill in the niche and train the next generation of data scientists.

Broad coverage of topics

Genomics, Metagenomics and Epigenomics

Pathway Analysis

Conduct pathway analysis on the resultant differentially expressed gene list

MeaningFul networking

Instructor and participants will be from different corners of the world where participants will be encouraged for collaborations.

Knowledgeable sessions with recording

Sessions are compact, interactive and interesting

Why you should join


Computational genomics (often referred to as Computational Genetics) refers to the use of computational and statistical analysis to decipher biology from genome sequences and related data, including both DNA and RNA sequence as well as other “post-genomic” data (i.e., experimental data obtained with technologies that require the genome sequence, such as genomic DNA microarrays). Computational genomics helps in understanding the function of the genes and statistical association analysis. As such, computational genomics may be regarded as a subset of bioinformatics and computational biology, but with a focus on using whole genomes (rather than individual genes) to understand the principles of how the DNA of a species controls its biology at the molecular level and beyond. With the current abundance of massive biological datasets, computational studies have become one of the most important means to biological discovery





Our Speakers

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda

Research scientist, Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee,USA,

Chakit Arora

Research Scholar Centre for Computational Biology, IIITD, India

Akansha Rajput

Ph.D. Post Doctoral Associate University of California , San Diego , USA

Surendra Vikram

CEO- Bionomics Research Lab


April 5-6
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda
Introduction to Linux environment
April 8-9
Dr. Surendra Vikram
Amplicon sequencing based Metagenomics
April 12-13
Dr. Surendra Vikram
Shotgun metagenome sequencing
April 14
Dr. Akansha Rajput
Pan Genomics
April 15
Whole Exome Sequencing
April 16
CHIPseq analysis
April 19
Chakit Arora
ATAQ seq Analysis
April 20
RNAseq-analysis (Transcriptomics)
April 21
Pathway Enrichment Analysis

Payment link:Pay Here for Indian Participants

Pay Here (For Participants other than India)

Mode of Delivery: Online case-based teaching methodology will be used for all the modules.

Key Features:-

  • Each session will be of 60-90 Min and Video recording of the complete workshop will be provided.
  • E-certificate will be provided.

Whatsapp contact +91 9996338972 or E-mail- [email protected]

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