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Bioinformatics workshop for Cancer Genomics

  • 1-12 March 2021

Who we are

Decode life is a group of enthusiastic researchers, who are aimed to (de)code the life sciences. Our goal is to create a self sustained system through cross learning and joining hands together to address the problems that matter the most. With the availability of large data, Bioinformatics has become an integral part for almost every biomedical lab. We wanted to fill in the niche and train the next generation of data scientists.

Broad coverage of topics

Analyze cancer –omic data for gene expression, genome rearrangement, somatic mutations, and copy number variation

Pathway Analysis

Conduct pathway analysis on the resultant cancer gene list

MeaningFul networking

Instructor and participants will be from different corners of the world where participants will be encouraged for collaborations.

Knowledgeable sessions with recording

Sessions are compact, interactive and interesting

Why you should join

Cancer-genomics is a growing area of interest in the field of oncology and genomics that is focused on utilizing whole genome analysis to make rational clinical treatment decisions for each individual patient.As cancer can arise from countless different genetic mutations and a combination of mutations, it is challenging to develop a cure that is appropriate for all cancers, given the genetic diversity of the human population. To provide and develop the most appropriate genetic therapy for one’s cancer, personalized oncogenomics has been developed. By sequencing a cancer patient’s genome, a clinical scientist can better understand which genes/part of the genome have been mutated specifically in that patient and a personalized treatment plan can potentially be implemented.





Our Speakers

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda

Research scientist, Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee,USA,

Dilraj kaur

Research Scholar Centre for Computational Biology, IIITD, India

Salman Sadullah Usmani

Ph.D. Bioinformatics Centre, CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

Surendra Vikram

CEO- Bionomics Research Lab

Upcoming Workshop

March 1
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda
Preface to the training and Cancer Biology-Importance of Clinical and Molecular data
March 2
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda
Introduction to Linux environment
March 3
Dr. Surendra Vikram
Basics of R
March 4
Dr. Surendra Vikram
Basics of R
March 5
Dr. Salman
Cancer Databases
March 6
Dr. Salman
Data Retrieval- Pre processing and quantification
March 8
Dilraj Kaur
RNA seq Analysis
March 9
Instructor 1
Fusion Transcript detection in Cancer
March 10
Instructor 1
Non Coding RNA and micro RNA detection in Cancer
March 11
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda
Somatic Copy number Alternation in cancer
March 12
Dilraj Kaur
Pathway enrichment analysis- From genes to pathways

Payment link:Pay Here for Indian Participants

Pay Here (For Participants other than India)

Mode of Delivery: Online case-based teaching methodology will be used for all the modules.

Key Features:-

  • Each session will be of 60-90 Min and Video recording of the complete workshop will be provided.
  • E-certificate will be provided.

Whatsapp contact +91 9996338972 or E-mail- [email protected]

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