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Who We Are

Decode life is a group of enthusiastic researchers, who are aimed to (de)code the life sciences. Our goal is to create a self sustained system through cross learning and joining hands together to address the problems that matter the most. With the availability of large data, Bioinformatics has become an integral part for almost every biomedical lab. We wanted to fill in the niche and train the next generation of data scientists.


Decode Life is a platform which is created with the following Mission

To provide adequate training in research-relevant skills in the area of life sciences to researchers / students / faculties / scientists across the globe.

To create opportunities and extension for the development of the scientific community by skills acquisition and knowledge awareness of cutting edge research tools.

To provide a platform for guidance in the field of Biotechnology Entrepreneurship.

To fill the knowledge gaps in the area of data and information driven life sciences innovations and discovery by providing a unique infrastructure.

Our Services

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Our Team of Highly Skilled
Advisors and Instructors

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dhanda

Currently, Dr. Dhanda is working as a research scientist at Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis city of Tennessee, USA. He earned his Master degree in Science from M.D. University, Rohtak. He then moved on to Chandigarh and earned his PhD degree in Bioinformatics from a joint program of Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh and Jawarharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Next, he pursued interest and received a post doctoral training from La Jolla Institute for Immunology, San Diego, California, USA. He has an outstanding track record of scientific publications and also serving as an academic editor for several reputed journals and also a well known peer-reviewer – training young generation for the same with Publons Academy.

Dr. Kapil Vashisht

Dr. Kapil Vashisht is currently working as a Scientist B, National institute of Malaria Research New Delhi and also a former ICMR-Centenary Post-Doctoral Fellow. Dr. Vashisht earned his Master degree in Medical Biotechnology from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak and then moved to National institute of malaria research, New Delhi for a PhD. Degree. He has an outstanding track record of scientific publications and recipient of scientific awards. His research work is focused on altering the mRNA capping of NS5 methyltransferase domain of the dengue virus via enzyme engineering. He is also engaged in multiple research projects viz. enzyme engineering, novel diagnostics tools for malaria & dengue, environmental health, climate change and delineating the mechanistic role of ayurvedic nanoparticles (Bhasmas).

Dr. Manish

Dr. Manish earned his Phd. from Prestigious Jawahar Lal University and a recipient of Utrecht University short-stay fellowship, Fulbright fellowship, DST young scientist and SBRI-India GID fellowship (NIH research grant No., D43 TW000924, funded by the Fogarty international Center). Currently he is working as CSIR pool Scientist.

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